“Each time I have fulfilled a marketing campaign or an event for my clients, I understand more about myself and have a positive sense about where my happiness comes from. What really makes me happy are the things I can do to make my clients happy and trust in my services. I called this an inspiration exchange. As such, I choose to immerse myself into this type of challenging job because I love to inspire and positively influence others.
I still remember when I told to my friends that I would start to own a company that would encompass my lights of inspirations, they directly asked what would be the name of my company. I told them that it would be “MIA”. They were initially curious and asked what is the meaning and inspiration behind the name. I said that “MIA” generates a motivation, innovation and art appreciation. Isn’t this what modern business world’s all about? Initially, I didn’t think much if the company name itself matches to the business core or my expertise. I just simply love to motivate anyone who works with me and work for me, I love to learn all updated applications, follow up new trends and make sure all the design looks eye-catching to their audiences. I feel warm, peaceful and hopes when I look at every product: from a gift box, flyers, banners, posters websites, video clips that our team produce to my distinguished customers. That’s how the MIA was conceived in my mind. Even to this day, I still love this company name so much” – Our MD said.