About us

MIA CO;LTD is a full service social, and corporate sales and marketing planning organization. Our main focus is specializing in sales & marketing strategies, brand activation, event destination management and production. Our MIA CO;LTD team offers over 15 years of combined experience. Our innovative approach to planning memorable events, unmatched creativity and extraordinary attention to detail, combined with our professionalism and excellent track-record, makes MIA one of the premier sales and marketing agencies in Vietnam.
Quality and personalized service are our specialties. Our unique value proposition is that we provide dedicated professionals to each of our clients with their selection of one of our packages. This dedicated resource will be with you, our client, from the inception of your event/program through its conclusion. MIA is a collaborative firm that draws on the eclectic talents of all of our team members. We work as a team, collaborating on all facets of each event, ensuring seamless execution and excellent customer service. Our mission and values outline who we are, what we seek to achieve and how we want to achieve them.
“Each time I have fulfilled a marketing campaign or an event for my clients, I understand more about myself and have a positive sense about where my happiness comes from. What really makes me happy are the things I can do to make my clients happy and trust in my services. I called this an inspiration exchange. As such, I choose to immerse myself into this type of challenging job because I love to inspire and positively influence others.
I still remember when I told to my friends that I would start to own a company that would encompass my lights of inspirations, they directly asked what would be the name of my company. I told them that it would be “MIA”. They were initially curious and asked what is the meaning and inspiration behind the name. I said that “MIA” generates a motivation, innovation and art appreciation. Isn’t this what modern business world’s all about? Initially, I didn’t think much if the company name itself matches to the business core or my expertise. I just simply love to motivate anyone who works with me and work for me, I love to learn all updated applications, follow up new trends and make sure all the design looks eye-catching to their audiences. I feel warm, peaceful and hopes when I look at every product: from a gift box, flyers, banners, posters websites, video clips that our team produce to my distinguished customers. That’s how the MIA was conceived in my mind. Even to this day, I still love this company name so much” – Our MD said.
As a company, our mission is to strive:
To be a passionate, trusted, and dedicated team of event professionals committed to providing extraordinarily flawless sales & marketing tools, events, applications that supply our clients with seamless management, timeless style, unforgettable experiences, and the highest quality.
To anticipate our clients' needs and deliver exceptional service and products.
To meet our clients' business objectives while exceeding their expectations.
To provide a great place to work, where our staff is inspired to work to their full potential, and encouraged to find balance in life between their commitments to family, community, and continued education.
To remain a premier leading sales & marketing plus event agency while maintaining our mission and values.


Generate sales and marketing campaign for your business, not only develop your



Manage and maximize the efficiency of digital marketing activities on



One of our specialties is themed events. The possibilities are endless! For every



One of our strength to be complimented by our clients is creating filming & viral


We know your special event is very important to you. Whether it is a corporate event, fashion show, social event, golf outing, charity event, graduation, anniversary, event you are marketing, municipal, team building, reunion, bachelorette, birthday party or holiday party, we can help you plan, execute, or provide needed services.
MIA offers comprehensive production and organize events services to ensure the overall success of your business. We handle all of the details to help take the stress out of your event planning activities. We will work seamlessly with you and your team to ensure that absolutely every aspect of your event run flawlessly from start to finish. We will work within your budget, manage your vendors and suppliers, and produce an event that will delivers a positive impact that's not dull, boring or been done a thousand times.
Contact us today for a free sales & marketing consultation and get started with planning your business to become fruitful and successful!
We have full know-hows to make a sales and marketing campaign for your business, not only develop your brand popular in Vietnam market but also drive sales revenue as you expect us to achieve.
Our company offers experienced professionals who will work with our clients to go through our service offerings and design a package that fit to their financial condition and budget, nurture their brand, and maintain brand growth and awareness until their brand name becomes ingrained and popular to the target audiences.
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We thoroughly understand our clients would normally expect high quality of the materials we supply and designs of the products we create. As such, we are proud to announce that we possess a high-tech production house and creative designers who have good taste of art and strong commitments to deliver high quality products and timeliness.
We have a full list of stylish photographers both from international and local specialize in event photography and will be there for you whether you’re planning a corporate event, fashion show, social event, golf outing, charity event, graduation, anniversary, event you are marketing, municipal, team building, reunion, bachelorette,
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One of our specialties is themed events to bring different ambience and memorable experiences to your invited guests. The possibilities are endless! For every themed event, we provide assistance from concept to delivery. We provide:
Props, banners, backdrops.
Event menu with wide range of quality food and beverage services options for your event and budget consideration.
Entertainment: Add excitement to your next event with talented entertainers and best artists through us.
Themed invitations and decorations, and a host of other services complementary to your theme.
Event rentals: we provide services of various types of quality event rentals associated with your requirements.
Event transportations: Our experienced event transportation planners manage all aspects of event transfers and charters - from preliminary planning through reservations and on-site coordination.
We're about people first - the best talent teams with the most exciting clients. We have a list of brands where we find lots of great people we'd love to work with, again or for the first time.
We're looking for courageous, fearless, and out-of-the-box thinkers that promote with our shared values and more interested in making history than repeating it, all in pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves our clients satisfy and happy. We strive to provide the following values for our clients:
  • Integrity85%
  • We provide a fair price for the services that we offer with complete transparency. Our clients will always know how their event resources are allocated.

  • Passion100%
  • We don't believe in the status quo our goal is to not meet expectations but to exceed them.

  • Accountability100%
  • MIA CO;LTD team is personally invested in your demands and goals and as your trusted partner we deliver…guaranteed!

  • Creativity85%
  • MIA is a collaborative, full spectrum, energetic, and innovative team.

  • Quality98%
  • We have been working relationships with governors, media partners, vendors who share our mission and values in all price points.

  • Professionalism90%
  • MIA CO;LTD clientele is our top priority and we treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy at all times.

Give us a call anytime and we'll talk through any questions you may have. Go to Meet Our Team section for more on contact information.